Holiday Memory Challenge!

This is the time of year, that we all try to coordinate outfits, location and smiles for the annual personal Holiday greeting cards that will hit the mailboxes of family, friends, and more. There are amazing photographers all throughout North Carolina. I have a few favs that just cause me to pause and stare at the quality of the image. But as a mom, I also enjoy seeing the candid poses that almost allow you to hear the laughter and feel the warmth of a moment between mom and dad.

Recently, I opened up shop for the holiday season. We had a few bookings but 100% were return clients! This is always a great feeling, as a photographer. To have a client call back means they trust you with their family memories. I recently lost my grandmother. There is a chest of photos going back to the early 1900s. That’s just amazing! So, even though these are photos that will likely end up on Christmas cards and possibly in the home, they can last forever.

My personal challenge is to capture the greatest emotion within an image that is not posed. Let me know what you think of these.

By the way, are you interested in capturing photos of your family? You can either book a session now and/ or participate in the Holiday Memory Challenge:

In memory of the loved one (human or animal) that will no longer be here with us to celebrate the holidays, post your favorite memory pic with them for a chance to win a 20min photo session. The image with the most “likes” wins. 

We also have specials for teachers and grandparents! Just send a message via facebook or email:


– Candace Laughinghouse




Baby Love

I had the honor of photographing a very special time in this family’s life earlier this year, as they prepared for the arrival of their first baby. The weather forecast was iffy at best, but we went ahead with the session and managed to hit a dry spell in an otherwise rainy day. These two (plus baby!) made the session so enjoyable.

Paws For Will

I met Will and his mom when Will was about 9 months old. In fact, he was born on the same day as my son. Will is a sweet, silly 5 year old boy who loves trains and desperately wanted to show me his trains when I came to his house for this photo session.  Will’s family found out pretty early on that he has autism. I know it’s been quite a journey for them all since then, but last year they were able to raise enough money to get Will an autism assistance service dog, which will be a huge help to them! In July of 2016, they will be traveling from Raleigh, NC to Xenia, OH for 10 days of class training to receive Will’s service dog. This is expensive, though, so they are looking to raise money for lodging, gas, food, unpaid leave from work for the family to travel together.

Will’s mom approached me a little while ago to do a photo of their family for a jigsaw puzzle. It was wonderful to see them again, and capture a couple images of the family!  They are selling each piece of the puzzle they had made as a fundraiser for their travel expenses. People can purchase puzzle pieces to complete a 500 piece puzzle:

Corner pieces =$100 donation
Edge pieces = $25 donation
Inside pieces = $5 donation

On every piece, they’ll write your name on the back (or you can choose to remain anonymous). Once it’s done, they’ll frame the 16×20 photo puzzle.  Please consider donating even just $5 for a puzzle piece! You can read more about Will’s story and help this sweet family out here.


–Marisa Park




This is a photo (not mine) from the Paws for Will site, showing the puzzle!

Gone Fishin’

I love doing photo sessions in locations that mean something to the clients.  For this family, we were able to do the entire session in the family’s beautiful new back yard.  From hitting t-ball to throwing leaves to fishing in the creek, … Continue reading

Christmas Time is Here…

We love our clients and all the joy they bring to a session. Sometimes we have the pleasure of meeting fur-babies. On this lovely Veteran’s Day, we enjoyed a fun walk through the JC Raulston Aboretum and captured some fun moments climbing on rocks, in trees, sliding in mud — yes, that happened, too! — and more. Last year, our time together was brilliant. This year was even better. We took a few posed shots and then had some fun. Here are a few images to enjoy.

We only have a few weeks left before Christmas card sessions can be completed in time to receive your personalized Christmas cards. So, give us a call. That’s $75 for a session – this includes 3 digital downloads for the purchase of your cards through a highly recommended site that we use for our own card purchases.

Have a blessed week.

Mom: All love, laughs, and long lasting memories begin with her.

I know I can do anything...because Mom taught me.

I don't take many posed shots, but this has to be one of my favorite. All natural light with natural beauty.

Who doesn't love a fur-baby on set?


Best Friends Forever


Celebrating Birthday, Family and Christmas All in One!

Ok, I love capturing moments with my girls, and like any other parent, I believe they are the most photogenic girls in the world:) But Baby V has the title of the cutest expressions ever. She is so photogenic and gorgeous. And how about this….mom crochet this little pink and white number for her before she was even born. Talk about faith and skills. I don’t know the first thing about sewing, let alone crochet a cute dress like this. Here are a few images from today.

So, for those of you not familiar with my photography, I enjoy capturing those moments where the family poses and looks straight at the camera. At the same time, I love having images that tell a story as they are hung in your home gallery. Check out these various pre-edited images and let me know what you think.

Something that we are trying at AriZoe images is giving clients more options with their custom boutique sessions. For example, you can either opt for us to select images to edit, or you can have full view of all of the images and you select which images you would like edited before you even purchase. That’s right, you are not obligated to purchase every edited image, but why not get a CD or photobook?

Contact us for your next family session just in time for Christmas card pics.

This is the start of the session. Baby V is wondering who I am with this camera in her face. lol

This is the start of the session. Baby V is wondering who I am with this camera in her face. lol

Who's the center of mommy and daddy's world. Baby V!

Who’s the center of mommy and daddy’s world. Baby V!

Just a little stroll with mommy and daddy.

Just a little stroll with mommy and daddy.

Can you believe she's only been walking for 2 days?!

Can you believe she’s only been walking for 2 days?!



I'm ready....

I’m ready….


I usually end up laughing and having fun in any photo shoot, especially when kids are involved, since you never know what they’ll do once the camera is pointed their way. But this was one I laughed in more than … Continue reading

Have Bike, Will Travel

This was a fun photo shoot. The boys brought their bikes, so we were able to cover a lot of ground in a short time, and get some action shots, too. Little brother wasn’t so sure about me, so he was a bit serious, but we got more smiles than I thought. From stair climbing to bike riding to spider watching, they stayed busy and I did, too!  Here are some of my favorites from this session.

–Marisa Park

Fall is a busy time of year for us at AriZoe Images, so be sure to book your session soon!  Go to our website for more information.

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