Father’s Day Is Around the Corner

I have a few spots open for Father’s Day Sessions. Some are during the week and two are open for the next weekend. Here are a few sneak peeks from today’s session. I love natural light sessions outdoors. Children prefer being outside, running around, smelling flowers, blowing bubbles — you name it. Their candid expressions are the best for your home gallery. Check out these beautiful girls. I think all of these make for a great father’s day mini album for the wallet or desk at work.

– Candace Laughinghous

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Family Forever

Last year, I had the privilege of photographing this family as they welcomed another baby boy into their lives. Mom and dad are very open about their adoption success and I have trouble trying to find the words to describe their love for one another. This family is my model of love, happiness and compassion. In every session, I find myself taking away an awesome family value that I want to focus on at home. Sometimes, I see two sisters enjoying belly laughs and hugs. And I say to myself, “I want that for my girls.” With this family, our session was at a boat house. Big brother was in true big-brother mode. He was quite helpful and curious of everything. He was taking the lead and I love it. The parents consciously are aware of their children’s wants/needs and lovingly encourage them to be themselves. This session, I take away the mindfulness of smiling at my girls being girls. Enjoy some of the images below.

– Candace








The Princess Has Arrived…

It’s been a while with updating sessions to the blog – for me. Marisa has been doing a fabulous job with her sessions. Check out her sessions in prior posts tagged – Marisa Park.

Here are a few sessions from a newborn session done right in the home. Parents, do not ever feel that your home is not suitable for newborn sessions. We will make it work. We can turn your home into a mini studio session. My favorite types of pictures are less posed and can be used as conversation pieces in your home gallery. I mean every image. This session involved handmade items and I wanted to make sure the new princess received the royal treatment. This means allowing time to eat and get into a deep sleep. Every princess needs her beauty rest! Check out a few images below from the newborn/family session that also involved mom, dad and big brother (who is quite handsome, if you ask me).






Hark, The Sound

This couple both graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill the same year.  When they got married, they had photos at the Old Well, and they wanted to bring their family back there this year for a photo session.  I had a blast, especially since I graduated from UNC-CH, too.  The campus is beautiful, and offers so many opportunities to capture great photographs.   Their two girls cracked me up.  Big sister made friends with everyone we passed, including a big group of students in caps and gowns who were graduating the following weekend.  And little sister made the best faces for me and the world, including great smiles!  What a beautiful family!!!

–Marisa Park

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6 Months Already?!!!

I had the pleasure of photographing this little guy when he was a newborn.  Flash forward half a year, and it’s already time for 6 month photos!  I have to say, I thought this session would be more challenging than his newborn session–he slept right through that fist set of photos.  But this kiddo is such a happy baby, it was a breeze to photograph him once again.  He was as happy as could be with mom and dad right there, so I was able to capture some of his many adorable smiles.  We did some in the basket that we used for his newborn session, too, to compare and show how he’s grown.  Plus, I loved the matching daddy and baby Batman shirts!  Such a fun session!!!

–Marisa Park

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DSC_2710c for web

 6 months old

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DSC_2714b for web

Such a little charmer!

Christmas Time….What?!

Today, I was reminded that my vibrant, independent, and brilliant 4yr old is normal. LOL! Little Mr. T (That’s what I’ll call him) was not going to let me take his picture – at all. Seriously, the moment I pulled out the camera, he let me know that he was not going to smile nor was he going to look at the camera. Well as you can see – that changed real fast. I always have a few tricks to get just what mom wanted. First, I snapped a quick picture and let him see it right away. Lesson learned – he asked to see pretty much every picture after that. LOL! The second trick was to let him feel free to make funny faces…….so he could ask to see right away. LOL! One rule = for every silly face, there had to be a smile in the next frame. Thanks to mom for helping with that rule.

We were able to venture through the property of the Mordecai house and easily change the background thanks to the beautiful buildings — and various trees for Mr. T to climb every few minutes. But I’m thinking it was all a trick. He took some of the most natural and handsomely fierce shots. Just take a look below.

Finally, it’s that time of year again. Why not book a holiday mini (complete with sharable digitals and printing packages). All mini session investments are $65. That’s over a 50% savings. We look forward to hearing from you. Que the Christmas music while we prep the Turkey for Halloween. LOL!

How perfect is this sweet face?

How perfect is this sweet face?

Screams Sweetness and Christmas Card, of course.

Screams Sweetness and Christmas Card, of course.

Grape vines --- right here in downtown Raleigh:)

Grape vines — right here in downtown Raleigh:)

Spider Man wanted quite a few action shots.

Spider Man wanted quite a few action shots.

Oh my! They showed me the eskimo and butterfly kiss. Adorable.

Oh my! They showed me the eskimo and butterfly kiss. Adorable.

Just precious. Can you believe this was the last shot of the day. Still perfect.

Just precious. Can you believe this was the last shot of the day. Still perfect.

Catalogue model for sure

Catalogue model for sure

Common Grounds

This couple met at a coffee shop, so it only seemed right to photograph them there. He was about to be deployed, so she wanted some pictures of them together.  We started at the cafe they met, then wandered around downtown Apex. Best of everything to this couple, as he will be overseas for a number of months yet, serving our country.

DSC_2915b smaller with logo

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Baby Bliss

This little charmer was born a little over two weeks before this photo session. He was such a champ:  he slept the entire time, as peaceful as could be.  This was such a fun session.  I got my baby snuggles in, plus got to photograph incredible cuteness the entire time!  I think I’m in love; clearly his mom and dad are!


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Run, Mama, Run!

Candace and I both are connected with a fantastic community of moms, brought together by Fit4Mom Raleigh. The other evening, I got to photograph many of these inspiring mamas, from the Raleigh Running Mamas group, as they participated in the Esprit de She race in Cary, NC. It’s a race only for women, celebrating the ‘spirit of her.’  It was hot and humid, but these amazing women were out there, with friends, children, and spouses cheering them on, despite the heat.  Whether they beat a personal record, ran a 5k or 10k for the first time, or were just there for fun (and the wine afterwards!), they set an example of fitness and strength in motherhood.  Congrats, mamas!!!


You can see all the pictures and download those you want here by right-clicking and saving those you like.


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