Sister Love

I love letting children explore during a photo shoot and seeing where it will lead them.  Their fascination with everything usually leads to fun, magical pictures.  This time, the oldest of these three beautiful sisters helped direct her sisters’ attention to some fantastic shots, and she could be heard saying things like, “Let’s walk this way so the stroller isn’t in the background!”  She was a fantastic assistant and model, and it was such a pleasure to photograph this wonderful family!  Here are a few of my favorites, although a few are being held in reserve as surprises… 😉

DSC_8388d w logo

DSC_8475b w logo

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Sugar With a Spice of Life

Hooray! Today, we finally got the chance to grant an awesome AriZoe images facebook fan with her free mini-photo session. Mom opted for more and we were happy to oblige. We are so excited to finally move away from the Frozen Summer Months of North Carolina. Today’s session also begins our family spring sessions. AriZoe Images is booking family sessions along with senior portraits, mommy and me, daddy and me, and prom activities.

For now – just enjoy a few images from today. The images speak for themselves. Enjoy!