I usually end up laughing and having fun in any photo shoot, especially when kids are involved, since you never know what they’ll do once the camera is pointed their way. But this was one I laughed in more than most. Little Miss had to be talked into doing the session by her parents, but once we got started, she was all over it. She pulled out some great poses and had all sorts of suggestions about where we should take pictures and what we should take them of. This location and pose were all her, for example.

DSC_6798d smaller

And here, she really desperately wanted to take a picture standing on the bench. With some serious sass.

DSC_6863i smaller w logo

I loved her suggestion about halfway through: “I know, let’s walk around and take pictures of things we see like the geese!” Yes, I took a picture of geese for her (she insisted). No, her parents did not buy it (of course).

DSC_7089h smaller w logo

So much fun!


DSC_6878c smaller w logo

DSC_6886e smaller w logo

DSC_6889f smaller w logo

DSC_6935f smaller w logo

DSC_6962k 5 x 7 smaller w logo



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