Paws For Will

I met Will and his mom when Will was about 9 months old. In fact, he was born on the same day as my son. Will is a sweet, silly 5 year old boy who loves trains and desperately wanted to show me his trains when I came to his house for this photo session.  Will’s family found out pretty early on that he has autism. I know it’s been quite a journey for them all since then, but last year they were able to raise enough money to get Will an autism assistance service dog, which will be a huge help to them! In July of 2016, they will be traveling from Raleigh, NC to Xenia, OH for 10 days of class training to receive Will’s service dog. This is expensive, though, so they are looking to raise money for lodging, gas, food, unpaid leave from work for the family to travel together.

Will’s mom approached me a little while ago to do a photo of their family for a jigsaw puzzle. It was wonderful to see them again, and capture a couple images of the family!  They are selling each piece of the puzzle they had made as a fundraiser for their travel expenses. People can purchase puzzle pieces to complete a 500 piece puzzle:

Corner pieces =$100 donation
Edge pieces = $25 donation
Inside pieces = $5 donation

On every piece, they’ll write your name on the back (or you can choose to remain anonymous). Once it’s done, they’ll frame the 16×20 photo puzzle.  Please consider donating even just $5 for a puzzle piece! You can read more about Will’s story and help this sweet family out here.


–Marisa Park




This is a photo (not mine) from the Paws for Will site, showing the puzzle!