Father’s Day Is Around the Corner

I have a few spots open for Father’s Day Sessions. Some are during the week and two are open for the next weekend. Here are a few sneak peeks from today’s session. I love natural light sessions outdoors. Children prefer being outside, running around, smelling flowers, blowing bubbles — you name it. Their candid expressions are the best for your home gallery. Check out these beautiful girls. I think all of these make for a great father’s day mini album for the wallet or desk at work.

– Candace Laughinghous

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Family Forever

Last year, I had the privilege of photographing this family as they welcomed another baby boy into their lives. Mom and dad are very open about their adoption success and I have trouble trying to find the words to describe their love for one another. This family is my model of love, happiness and compassion. In every session, I find myself taking away an awesome family value that I want to focus on at home. Sometimes, I see two sisters enjoying belly laughs and hugs. And I say to myself, “I want that for my girls.” With this family, our session was at a boat house. Big brother was in true big-brother mode. He was quite helpful and curious of everything. He was taking the lead and I love it. The parents consciously are aware of their children’s wants/needs and lovingly encourage them to be themselves. This session, I take away the mindfulness of smiling at my girls being girls. Enjoy some of the images below.

– Candace








The Princess Has Arrived…

It’s been a while with updating sessions to the blog – for me. Marisa has been doing a fabulous job with her sessions. Check out her sessions in prior posts tagged – Marisa Park.

Here are a few sessions from a newborn session done right in the home. Parents, do not ever feel that your home is not suitable for newborn sessions. We will make it work. We can turn your home into a mini studio session. My favorite types of pictures are less posed and can be used as conversation pieces in your home gallery. I mean every image. This session involved handmade items and I wanted to make sure the new princess received the royal treatment. This means allowing time to eat and get into a deep sleep. Every princess needs her beauty rest! Check out a few images below from the newborn/family session that also involved mom, dad and big brother (who is quite handsome, if you ask me).