Run, Mama, Run!

Candace and I both are connected with a fantastic community of moms, brought together by Fit4Mom Raleigh. The other evening, I got to photograph many of these inspiring mamas, from the Raleigh Running Mamas group, as they participated in the Esprit de She race in Cary, NC. It’s a race only for women, celebrating the ‘spirit of her.’  It was hot and humid, but these amazing women were out there, with friends, children, and spouses cheering them on, despite the heat.  Whether they beat a personal record, ran a 5k or 10k for the first time, or were just there for fun (and the wine afterwards!), they set an example of fitness and strength in motherhood.  Congrats, mamas!!!


You can see all the pictures and download those you want here by right-clicking and saving those you like.


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Celebrating Adoption Through Photography – A Family United by Love

Last year, we participated in a few silent auctions benefiting Postpartum Education Support NC. Postpartum Education and Support (PES) is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the emotional wellness of mothers. One of the silent auctions was held at one of my absolute favorite places to do a session – The Cloer Family Vineyards in Apex, NC. The first time I visited this location, I was in shock. It’s so not NC:) It reminds me of Napa and other surrounding vineyards. Of course, not as big, but it provides the same great experience of tasting room and the prestige of being a part of the North Carolina Wine Trail Tour. Well, after a few rescheduling, we were able to make this an even better family session. The family was recently blessed with another handsome prince. When I first heard that they wanted to reschedule due to a last minute trip to visit the birth mother, I immediately felt honored to be able to capture their first moments together, professionally in a photo session. Enjoy the images and contact us if you know of anyone thinking about or already in the process of adoption. We have some wonderful ideas for you.








Catherine and Frank: Before the Wedding: Part 3

The day of the wedding dawned clear and beautiful.  There is so much activity that goes into setting up a wedding and preparing for it, even on the day of the event, and so many special memories that I was thrilled to be able to capture before the ceremony began.  You can see the rest of the pictures here.   The ceremony that followed was exquisite and it was a blissful day all around.  Congratulations to Catherine and Frank on becoming Mr. and Mrs.!!!



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Catherine and Frank: Before the Wedding Part 1

My sister-in-law got married a couple of weekends ago, and I had the honor of not only being her matron of honor, but also photographing the pre-wedding events. From a lovely bridesmaids’ luncheon to setting up the reception space to the Rehearsal and Rehearsal dinner, it was a fantastic day filled with love.  Here are just a few of the highlights leading up to the Rehearsal Dinner.  To see many more, click here.



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Bees’ll buzz, kids’ll blow dandelion fuzz – In Summer!

Unless you are living under a rock, you have heard, sung, read, tasted and just about experienced the Disney movie – Frozen. This little cutie is in love with the movie and anything else Frozen. So, yes, we had “Let it Go” playing for part of the session. How else do you get such gorgeous face-on pics:) Here are just a few images from a wonderful stroll through the NC State Arboretum. Kudos to my oldest daughter. She came along as my apprentice. And she worked hard when saying, “Oh this is a nice place for pictures. Sit down. Cross your legs like a lady and say ‘popsicle'” – I normally fly solo, but our friends wanted to make this a playdate after our session. Enjoy a few of these gorgeous images below.


Golden Girls 2014

I am blessed to have my mother move from California to North Carolina – just to be near me and my family. My daughters love seeing their “Grammy” (my mother says, “Every star deserves a Grammy!” LOL!) and she, in turn, loves my girls. Therefore, it is great to see my mother when she is around her sisters and friends from California. Her baby sister and two adopted sisters-in-Christ, came to visit my mother for the week. These women are all Grandmothers, Golden, Gorgeous, God-fearing and just Fabulous (ok, had to interrupt with fabulous). I heard they laughed and cried together. What a great sisterhood. Do you know how important sisterhood is in relation to living a long happy life? Instead of mimicking today’s reality television models for pseudo-sisterhood, enjoy these images of true sisterhood.