Princess Turns 4 and meets Princess Ariel

Since moving to North Carolina, I have been blessed to meet a lot of people. Today, my daughter attended another fabulous birthday party. Mom always goes “way out” when it comes to themes but it’s never ‘over the top’. You don’t get the feeling that she’s been spending 26hrs a day (yes, I said 26!) pinning ideas onto pinterest. The entire session will include images of the food, crafts, and gifts for the guests. Question: how do you make hot dogs look like mini octopus? or were they squid? Either way, the party was amazing and followed by the transformation of little children into their swimsuits. Yes, there were little mermaids and mermen as far as the eye could see.

The hour is late, but the party was such a hit, that I couldn’t help but lightly edit a few pics and post for mom to enjoy. I mean, she definitely deserves a prize for presenting another well-planned out birthday party. Last year, it was Strawberry Shortcake. We left with mini homemade strawberry jam jars. This year, the children were given books, stickers, castle molds, and mini sandbottles. Just amazing. And to top it all off – the REAL Princess Ariel attended the party. Yes, King Triton allowed her to attend:) enjoy some of the pics below. You can also check out the pics on our facebook page or on our PASS page (beautiful sneak peek layout of the pics).