Run, Mama, Run!

Candace and I both are connected with a fantastic community of moms, brought together by Fit4Mom Raleigh. The other evening, I got to photograph many of these inspiring mamas, from the Raleigh Running Mamas group, as they participated in the Esprit de She race in Cary, NC. It’s a race only for women, celebrating the ‘spirit of her.’  It was hot and humid, but these amazing women were out there, with friends, children, and spouses cheering them on, despite the heat.  Whether they beat a personal record, ran a 5k or 10k for the first time, or were just there for fun (and the wine afterwards!), they set an example of fitness and strength in motherhood.  Congrats, mamas!!!


You can see all the pictures and download those you want here by right-clicking and saving those you like.


DSC_1305c w logo

DSC_1365b w logo

DSC_1409c  w logo


DSC_1243b w logo

DSC_1266b w logo

DSC_1617d w logo

DSC_1642b w logo




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