Kissing a Frog

This little princess was super excited to get through the first part of the photo shoot so she could wear her princess dress.  After about 30 minutes of photos while listening to “Let It Go,” she was thrilled to do a wardrobe change!  She showed me how her magic wand works, and she was even willing to kiss a frog to see if a prince would appear.  I loved capturing the twirling, exploration of the garden, and the joy on the faces of her mom and dad as they interacted with her and each other.


DSC_9477d w logo smaller

DSC_9446d smaller with logo

DSC_9349c 8 x 10 with logo

DSC_9207f smaller with logo DSC_9215b smaller with logo DSC_9240e smaller with logo DSC_9336d smaller with logoDSC_9405c smaller with logoDSC_9497b with logo smaller DSC_9567d smaller with logo


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