Introducing….Marisa Park

What a wonderful way to start 2014. We have so much to celebrate this year with giveaways, membership plans and more. I think that’s what we shall make a part of our business slogan – AriZoe Images: Photography and More. Just wait until the next couple of weeks. You’re going to be amazed. In the meantime, below is a bio where you can learn more about Marisa and what she has to help take AriZoe Images to the next level.

Marisa writes:

I am so excited about my debut as a professional photographer with AriZoe Images.  I am also an exercise instructor, teaching local Stroller Strides and Body Back classes for moms.  I’m a full-time stay-at-home mom.  I’m an avid runner.  I’m an exercise enthusiast.  I love to read.  Oh, and I am working on writing a novel.  Yes, my life is full to the brim, and I love it.

Role 13-#23 Cool pic of Sacre Coeur-horizontalcMy passion for photography has stalked me through my life as I worked as a grocery store cashier, data input person, technical writer and graphic designer (giving me great experience with Photoshop), preschool and elementary school TA, and second grade teacher.  Ever since my first high school photography class, photography has been something that never fully left my mind, my camera never straying far from my hand.

 But having my son turned photography from a sideline hobby to a passion.  The turning point came around his first Christmas, when I plopped him down on a sheet, with my robe hung over the side of the couch as a backdrop, moved a couple lamps over to the floor next to him, and started taking pictures.  It was an official and intentional “photo shoot,” and the results were more than I had hoped for.  I got serious.DSCF2871 Three MonthsdIn the ensuing years, I have inflicted my family and friends with increasing numbers of sessions at the other end of my camera lens (sorry for the times when I blinded you!), picked the brains of every photographer I knew for tips, pored over any information I could find about photography, and taken LOTS of pictures.  

DSCF5140bThe Christmas photo shoot turned into an annual thing with my son, joined quickly by a Father’s Day montage shoot, extended Beach sessions, Halloween pumpkin picking shoots, family group shots, and any other time the light was good or we went somewhere new.  I realized there were more of my own pictures on the walls of my house than anything else (and I am VERY picky when it comes to my own work!).  People I knew (or even just sort of knew) started asking me to take their pictures.  

DSC_2578i[I had literally just jumped over that fence at least 6 times at this point in the shoot–the biggest challenge was not the lighting or focus, but making it look like I hadn’t just been leaping and bounding seconds before the camera went off.]

Nothing beats the thrill of capturing the essential joy on a child’s face, the look of love between a husband and wife, a family come together, that spark or moment that a really good photo can capture.  I can’t wait to capture yours.


DSC_3360c w actions


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