Love is bond

I have two girls, and I can remember all of the warning about having multiples – “They will fight always.” or “Get ready for a rough ride until they are teenagers when you will go off the cliff.” Yes, they better not look for a job in writing fortunes in fortune cookies.

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of capturing the genuine love of two brothers and a sister. They looked out for one another. There wasn’t any fighting – yes, I’ve seen that before. Just an exciting day of taking pics while they enjoyed just being near the park and roaming through nature. Seeing families like this is what makes me excited about years to come. I remember being pregnant, with my 2nd daughter, and taking pics of a family with two daughters. They had such genuine love for one another. In fact, their last name is “Love”. How cool is that. So maybe my girls have taken on the prefix of the family name “Laughinghouse” because they are always giggling and laughing loudly. 

Enjoy a few sneak peeks from Saturday and break out your own camera with your own children. Their innocence is refreshing and a reminder of how to approach life – with forgiveness, lightheartedness, mixed with a little stubbornness:)










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