Sneak Peek to Maternity Bliss…

I have the pleasure of meeting such awesome moms through Stroller Strides of Raleigh. It’s amazing how many of us end up pregnant within months and weeks of each other. Last count, there was over 15 pregnant mamas. But I have to say that I am blessed to be able to capture the precious memories of a beautiful mama who is about to welcome twins into the world. This session was a breeze and I was excited to secure the location in Apex, NC. Here is a sneak peak into today’s session. Yes! I was so excited that after a fun-filled day of a double 3yr old birthday party with my daughter, I rushed home to pull a few pics to share. Enjoy….

By the way….doesn’t this mama look like one of those models for Pregnancy Today?


Children always find a way to connect with their mama.



Spread love…


Is this “new math”? No, it isn’t. Just doubly blessed.




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