Superheros are born….not made.

I had the pleasure of capturing the birthday party for two of the most beautiful children and their family. The weather was in the low 100’s, but mom and dad were prepared – from ice water balloons, tons of liquids, fresh fruits, cold sandwiches and a shaded bouncy house that I would have enjoyed myself. Here are a few sneak peeks of the host and hostess who were ultra-fab in their super hero outfits.

Superheros don’t wear ties, but dad can still help with party prep.

Ready to get this party started….

Did someone call for “HELP?”

Beauty runs deep in this family. And how beautiful is baby girl superhero who just turned 1 years old?

Born Superhero of Fashion and Beauty

This smile….Daddy is in for some trouble:)

Pics with a 3yr old and 1yr old can be quite interesting. Tons of fun!

This superhero just fueled up and is ready for take-off.


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